I dreamed of the fields of gold – Lower Silesia: Wojanów and Łomnica (day 1)

Every now and then in the chaos of everyday life, coffees you chug, traffics you wait in and YouTube songs that make your life a little more bearable you come across your own threshold and you realize a very important thing in your life is missing. This thing I am talking about is rest.

I usually rest more efficiently on my own and as some of you already know I am the kind of a “lonely wolf”, I generally enjoy traveling on my own. This time was surprisingly different and I got to go on a journey that changed the way I perceive my country. I have never been to this part of Poland and since I did I count every free moment I haven’t spent there a waste.

Another miracle that happened is I got to share the experience and tranquility of the place with a person that greatly enjoyed the beauties of Dolny Śląsk (tr. Lower Silesia) and made me see this place from a different point of view than if I traveled alone. That is just because I got to share things I thought causal for me like eating first summer Polish strawberries, pickles atop of the mountain and oscypek (traditional Polish sheep milk cheese) while getting ready to hit the trail. It was as if I did it for the first time again.

The aim of this trip was to show a friend from London a tiny bit of Polish nature, castles and palaces that initially were built (not all of them though, borders were moving quiet a lot in this area) by the Prussian nobility. Due to the switch of the borders after WWII this part of the land became Polish again.

We took 4 days and had quite a bit of land to cover, so we started by going to palace Wojanów where we stayed the night. I never expected land we were traveling though could be this mesmerizing. Hills with fields of gold rapeseed EVERYWHERE gleaming among fields of rye, wheat and grass. Just imagine. There weren’t many houses where we were passing by, only long roads with trees laying down their majestic, dreamy-like branches towards each other. As if they were stretching their arms to fall into an embrace of one another.


That view shut me up with some of my favorite music in a great company for about an hour and a half. Silesia-Klaudia: 1:0.

The first location we went to was a palace, which was set on the background of Karkonosze, probably one of the dopest mountain ranges in the country. As part of Sudety it was one of the stops on our travel map, yet to come.

Wojanów palace, located by one of the bigger roads in the area was an interesting find with beautifully renovated exteriors and interiors, marvelous park area and wellness. However, if you decide to travel there to see an actual palace you need to make yourself ready for a bit of a disappointment as it has been completely turned into a hotel. We tried to ask to see some of the palace rooms but the living room, the library and the ballroom available to guests are missing out the feel of days past. But you know what? I prefer some private owners to turn it into a hotel and take care of it than for it to rot away like most palaces. Full stop.


View of the Wojanów palace from the front. Check the weather out, stunning, wasn’t it?


The view from the back. The balcony on the first floor was leading directly into the ballroom. We were lucky to arrive the day before the wedding of a Polish-French couple. If you’re reading this best wishes of a happy life together! 🙂


The weather allowed us to have a stroll to a nearby stables, bakery and charming Łomnica palace hidden right across the river. The actual palace is a place where you can see three of the main salons and the basement dating back to the Medieval times. The rooms upstairs were unavailable for viewers as they were being renovated.


Łomnica palace front. Been to busy sitting on a bench and eating away the cookies to take a proper photo, sorry not sorry!


This dresser caught my attention with the combination of shapes, patterns and colours. Everything  just in the right place…

Right next to the palace we found a smaller building where one could find rooms and restaurant if you wished to stay the night. The park seemed to be a reflection of Wojanów park and it had some lovely sheep sleeping their time away among the green. Never seen a sheep in my life (I have nothing in my defense) but it melted my heart away to see a little one hiding behind her mom as I offered a little herbal snack from beyond the fence 🙂

Do you ever get a feeling you do not have to talk much even when you enjoy the company simply because you know all the silence and peacefulness is soaking deep in your pores and you just enjoy? If not, come on over and enjoy Dolny Śląsk before more people find out about it!

If you get a chance, visit a bakery and a folk art store on the other side of the road from Łomnica palace. Get as many “kekse” (cookies) with jam as possible and you will not regret it, I promise! Sorry I have so little pictures but I preferred to keep all these images in mind and simply enjoy. But trust my words, they looked as good as they tasted. My companion approved 😉

If you’re interested there is also a linen store where you can but textiles and clothes or walk to a nearby antique shop with a cascade of pots filled with flowers right in front of it!


“Coś na mole” (tr. Something for the moths) is a lovely little shop, do check it out!

2 thoughts on “I dreamed of the fields of gold – Lower Silesia: Wojanów and Łomnica (day 1)

  1. Klaudia, what a beautiful trip! Stunning pictures.. I am planning to drive around Poland with a friend.. so will try this itinerary.

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