Sweet, sweet Toruń…


Hey there peeps! I know it’s been a while since I wrote last, but working in TV ain’t easy and it kept me super busy. As spring is approaching life is starting to speed up after sleepy months of the winter past.

I wanted to finish the Toruń trip and discuss some yummy places I visited. I always feel cafes are very important when you visit because they extend your experience so much beyond what you see and read. You get to know places through your mouth and nose, and if you’re lucky enough you’ll get a bonus of a nice interior that pleases your eye. That’s what I do when I travel: I try to find places not only aesthetically pleasing but the ones where I can eat or drink something nice.

I want to make it clear from the beginning: I eat meat, and yet I LOVE vegan/vegetarian food. I respect other peoples’ dietary choices and so I expect other people to respect mine. So I hope no matter on the food content on the page you’ll appreciate it. If not for the taste then its artistic form 🙂

So I went to wander on a lovely, sunny day looking for the divine beverage that we all appreciate for its taste, the boost it gives and… delicious foam for some that like it with milk. I personally drink almond/oat/coconut milks but in case situation requires otherwise I gladly indulge in coffee with some whipped cream and 1000% fat milk. On an occasion.

So I am walking down Panny Marii street from the Old Town Square and I see this lovely exposition with porcelain cups hanging from a rail tied with ribbons and I think “this is where I’m going to have my coffee today”. And I wasn’t mistaken thinking it’s been a good call. Let me take you inside. The place is called Cafe Atmosphera.


View from the inside.


This is how the place looks from the outside.


You are welcomed by lovely ladies who will gladly help you to make up your mind. They have a wonderful selection of teas and coffees. See that gold bullet? It’s a vintage coffee machine that spins gold. Like, literally. GO TRY THAT COFFEE.


The light in there is just pure magic. Cakes are homemade and most of them are typical Polish recipes. Looks like a little wonders shop!


You can read about those and smell them. If you wish you can also buy packs for take-out. Those teas are pretty expensive but worth the money.


Pick your flavor and get it packed to take it home with you! My choice was green tea mix with snow buds, pieces of chocolate, strawberries, yellow rose buds, lavender, milk thistle petals and calendula.

So, I went to this place and I asked the lady for a coffee that she’d recommend. So she comes back with probably the best coffee I’ve had in my life. It was a latte made from full fat milk, coffee beans flavored with Toruń gingerbreads (YES, you read that right), homemade whipped cream and crumbled gingerbreads on top. Definitely a beverage worth not having a breakfast in the morning. Here is how it looked:


Looks as good as it tastes! I always go with whipped cream first!

Another great place is a historical inn that was hosting king Jan Olbracht and even Napoleon I himself. It’s is called “Pod modrym fartuchem” which loosely translates to “Blue Apron Inn”. The place was started in 1489 and remained almost the same till our days. The interior is warm, cosy and interesting. You get to be served by helpful people, who will help you with beer and food selection. Oh! Did I mention, that since I worked as a bartender in London I love craft beer? Well, I do. What you need to know is Poland is known for its long tradition on beer making. Wherever you go, try it. Beer is the way!

So I went and had a gingerbread beer of course, it was dark and rich in flavor. Unfortunately I don’t have a photo of it. Sometimes, when you enjoy the moment you just gotta go with it instead of worrying for taking pictures! You can also find other beers from Poland and beyond so don’t worry if you’re not into gingerbreads.

Food wise the place has really affordable prices for the amazing selection of snacks and warm dishes. I highly reccomend you make you way to New Town Square (Rynek Nowomiejski 9) and have whatever you can find on the menu. I tried garlic soup and it was the most divine soup experience ever. Polish people are known for their love of soups so you have to try some certain ones like barszcz, zalewajka, czarna polewka, żurek, pomidorowa, szczawiowa and ogórkowa. Don’t ask for translation, just try it and enjoy!

So I had that garlic soup and it was made fresh from some cloves on a chicken broth with shreds of mozarella cheese (maybe some other Polish version of that) with homemade tiny croutons and freshly chopped parsley. It was so good I had to come back the next day before my departure to have it again. Apart from the soup I tried button mushrooms stuffed with chicken and veggies with honey. Definitely an option for people who like to mix opposite tastes however, I recommend as you won’t find anything similar in 300 km radius. Take a look!


Original fireplace inside dating back to 1489!


The building from outside.


As one of the few buildings around it remained pretty much untouched.


There’s a little piano inside!



Great place of an ultimate chill for all the beer lovers!


The famous garlic soup!


Mushrooms with chicken and honey.

If you ever get to visit Toruń make sure you visit these places! If you like beer I also advise you to visit Jan Olbracht brewery on Szczytna 15 street, it’s worth your time as they serve either mulled or cooled dark ginger beer which is the wonderful. The place has a nice decor and it seems to have great food. Jan Olbracht has been making beers for a WHILE now and you can get some for takeaway!


You can see this one was mine 🙂

I hope if you ever visit Toruń you’ll enjoy these places greatly!


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