Visiting the Spirit of the Mountains – conquering Śnieżka in Karkonosze National Park (Day 2)

There is something very inspiring, breathtaking (and I don’t mean the incline) and just relieving about going into the mountains once in a while. Poland is certainly a good place  if you’re willing to enjoy different landscapes. We have three major mountain belts in Poland: Świętokrzyskie Mountains, Sudetes and Carpathian mountains.

I think it’s safe to say I did NOT see the sun coming out like that. Honestly, when I started planning to go into the mountains three weeks ahead I did realize there still might be snow high up. So I kind of went into my YOLO mode as my friends would say, called up he rangers from Karkonosze National Park (who, by the way, were lovely and super helpful!) and asked my fellow climber about preference. I mean, why not, the view is always worth the try.

So we ended up going on the sunniest and brightest day ever, which was a definite win. We drove down to Karpacz town right by the mountains. I wanted my guest to try anything that’s coming with the season and reminded me of Poland. So we went into this grocery store and was super excited about having foreigners coming, wishing us well and even washing the strawberries for us! She blessed us on our way out as we packed strawberries and pickles (yes, you read that right). Because there ain’t a trip to Poland when you don’t try our strawberries and pickles, duh!

If you ever get a chance go to that store on 3 Maja street, nearby a roundabout as you’re headed towards the mountains and say hi, you won’t regret all the kindness!

We parked the car and started walking up from Krucze Skały to Sowia Przełęcz to then reach Jelenka shelter on the Czech side to hit Śnieżka mountain. Bit chaotic now that I’m talking about it but let me show you the map.

Our trail

This was 8.1km in 3:46h to reach the top of the mountain. We first walked the black trail to then move to the red one on the top of the mountains.

In case you want to travel in the Polish mountains (or any country border with Poland) go to: Mountain trails. Oh, and have somebody translate for you! 😉

I won’t talk about the whole trip because that something indescribable – first you are tired, asking yourself how much longer to then take those breaths in and out atop the mountain. Suddenly nothing matters and you realize you are resting from all the social media, phones and chaos. That’s a rare feeling these days since I feel we can’t all escape the cages we construct for ourselves every day. There – it’s just nature and you. And maybe a few people drinking Becherovka and trying to pee in the bushes but ignore that part.

The day, as mentioned before, was divine and relieving. Once we got to Jelenka shelter we rested and it was easy to forget we had about 5 hours more to walk up and back down before the sunset. Since what happened in the mountains stays in the mountains I will just take a pleasure in showing you some of the photos taken by us along the way.


View of the meadow right by Jelenka shelter. Sizzling in the sun.


Welcome to the Czech side! Rest your bladder and and fill your stomach with food and probably some beers/ Becherovka!


It felt like being on the Moon for a moment. Happy this picture was taken as it was a moment of bliss, walking towards the abyss. Scary but exciting especially for somebody who’s scared of hight.


Getting to the top of the highest peak of Karkonosze was certainly a treat. Little did I know the next day my face was going to look like I dipped it in red paint. Well, too bad… #sorrynotsorry


You look to the left and… you’re in Czech Republic.



The weather observatory atop Śnieżka. Love it or hate it, opinions differ.


That view makes me want to take deeper breaths , as if I could inhale all the magic and beauty of the horizon.


There it is, Śnieżka. Wondering if the Spirit of the Mountains is a welcoming soul.


More blue and green is always good. Always!

We walked up to the mountain, enjoyed the view for a while and went do Dom Śląski shelter to grab fries and beer. As the sun was coming down we went down the red trail to Karpacz, Orlinek.

It was good to once again taste the water from the stream and watch peacefully the greenery and blue skies above the mountains.

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